Attention! If you are not legal age to stablish a contract (in many countries, this is 18 years old), you need to ask to your parents or guardian to read these terms and agreed them to you, before you use Edsilo or provide any kind of information.

Terms of service

 Efective date: June, 25. 2018

     Thank you for your interest on using Edsilo. We are so happy to receive you in our platform, but before you start using our resources, there are some rules that you need to accept. This term is valid not only for the website edsilo.com, but also at its segments, products, services and aplications available for android and IOS. If you have any question or comment about these terms of service, please contact us at [email protected].

     These terms of service form a contract between you and our company. If you don't agree with all these terms, you do not have authorisation to use our services. If you are using Edsilo, it means you have already accepted all the terms that are written here, and these will be in effect while you use our services.

     These terms include our privacy policy that can be accessed at any moment and we from Edsilo strongly recommend that you read this document.

     We are a technology company, that means we will be changing everytime and inovating to satisfy our clients' needs, this means that these terms will be updated based on the improvement of our services. On each change we will send a notification to our users to let them aware of the changes we are making. These notifications will be necessary when we update our privacy policy.


     If you are a student, a teacher, a school or a company, you are responsible for any information that you provide us, and understand that these informations will be use only in our services. The way Edsilo works needs some personal data that are provided by our costumers, if you are under 13 years old, you will only be able to use our services with the consent of your guardian. If we receive informations from child under 13 and without their guardian content, these informations will be deleted as soon as possible.

     If you are a teacher or a school, this means you have the right or/and the authorisation from the company you work for, to use their content inside the services that are offered by Edsilo.

     Our services to companies are different, we have a consultant team that will visit the company to analyze the process inside that place, then we will be able to adap the platform to their necessities.

How does it works?

  1.  Create your account: You need to sign up in Edsilo informing us some importants data that are important for the efficient functioning of out system (as name and email address). After this, you will need to choose a name to your school and a subdomain to it. Example: myschool.edsilo.com (this subdomain can be changed at any moment, and if you prefer, you have the option of using a own domain).
  2. Manage your school: After the criation of your school, you will be redirect to our administration panel, at statistics page. The sidebar menu works as a browser that allows you to make any changes and any levels of your website, in addition to having informations about notifications and messages. To edit your profile, you just need to click on the image on the top menu bar.

Inappropriate content

     Any content that have been posted and are being shared in an inappropriate way, is the responsibility of the person from whom such content originated. You access these informations at your own risk, we are not responsible for any error, omissions or any kind of damage or loss you might suffer inside the platform. Unfortunately we do not have the control of taking any action over how you may interpret and use the contents posted here. So if you access any website contening inappropriate content, notify us that this has happened and we will try to remedy the situation. 

     You are responsible for all the content you post in our platform, and this represents that you have the the rights necessary to do so.


     The basic plan for students is completely free and always will be! We won't start charging for signs up. Nevertheless, we offer a premium plan for teachers and companies. The business plan does not have a fixed price, all the budget is calculates after the consultant team have finished the analysis of the process of the company.

     Regardless the prices that are being charged, it does not means that if you are currently using the basic plan, we will turn it a premium plan and start charging you to use it.

Account Closure

     You are free to close your account at any time, for this read the account closure documentation (not available yet). Read the privacy terms to understand what happens to your informations after the closuse of your account (add this information to the term). However, we have the power to decide when you are violating any information described in this term.

     Account closuse has a consequence that is the destruction of all the content you have associated to you, so remember this before you decide if you will or not close your account.

     If you accidentally deleted your account, contact us imediately at [email protected] - We will try to help, bur unfortunately we can't promise we will recover anything.      

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