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Everything you need to create online courses

Our distance learning platform is powerful and flexible. Edsilo helps teachers to expand their classes keeping the unique of each course according its growth.

It's incredibly simple

Delight your students by offering the best.

Provide a wonderful experience to your students

Let us do the hard work while you focus on the more important things.


Your courses on your own way

Freedom to customize your website and courses in the way you like best.


Add any kind of text inside your courses, using the text editor you can make them even more attractive.
The entire evaluation process was previously planned to create the most effective system to analyze students performance.
Apart from the content created in the platform, it's possible to attach any kind of file to extend your courses' horizon.
Find out what your students think about the courses that are being offered, with this feedback you can create a content even more interesting to them.
The system of interaction between teacher and student it's the most advanced nowadays, all the process was well thought to make the chat become most effective possible.
The mail system allows you to select three different templates used by large corporations around the globe to interect with the enrolleds in your courses.
Let your students learn themselves, creating comfortable environment and sharing their knowledges each other.
There are three pre-defined themes available in the platform that allows you to customize the course in the way you like best.
HTML Editor
Didn't like our themes? No problem! Using the HTML Editor you can change the course in any possible way. You can change the original codes at any time, anywhere.
Follow the informations of access and enrollments of your courses, this helps you getting an exact notion of the attractiveness in your courses and generating motivation to create even more interesting contents.
Performance analysis
Follow the development of your students in real time. Using this tool you will get a better idea where your students have difficulties on and will feel more confortable to change your classes planning.
Do you want to make money with your courses? Define a price to each course you create and start to engage using Edsilo.
Working using paper it's a thing of the past. Join to Edsilo's cloud and organize your contents in a reliable place where your documents will be always availables and won't be deleted.
Using courses notifications feed your students won't miss any new content that you post.
What is Edsilo?
We are an e-business platform focused on distance learning education, that enables you or your company to offer any kind of courses to your customers or employees.

Do Edsilo suits my needs?

If you are looking forward to offer free courses, for sure! With Edsilo you can be a private teacher, a school, a college and also a company seeking to improve its processes by promoting the professional development of its employees.

Do Edsilo sells my courses?

Just If you want. By default, the courses are also of exclusive property of the people who make them, but you can make it available in our official school, other students will have access to it then.

I’m a training school. How Edsilo can help me?

Edsilo is going to help you to take distance courses to your students that don’t have time to sign-up in classroom courses

I’m a college. How edsilo can help me?

Edsilo is going to help you to take free courses to let your students to do their complementary activities in a simple way.

Is Edsilo going to help me to create my courses?

For sure! We will always be available to offer any support you might require, to provide consultancy and act as a partner, so that you will be able to create your course in the easiest way

Do you need help?

If you have any questions, we have an expert team that can help you. Ask something!

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